Great Verizon Experience!!


Island Body
Mar 16, 2003
LESS than 10 days ago, my family and I sat down with a Verizon representitive to solicite telephone lines as well as internet connections for two houses.

The rep was extremely helpful, understanding that our grasp for the Spanish language is not quite 100% he explained everything as best he could, making sure that we understood each and every point in turn.

So, after all the correct paperwork was filled out, letters sent, bills paid ect, (which he explained to us where to pay and to whom as well as when) he told us that within 10 days we'd both have our connections and telephone lines.

Now, having lived here for a little under 3 years and having gone through this proccess with several other people trying to get phone/internet lines I was sceptical to say the least. In fact, haven't even tried to apply for a line in all this time for exactly that reason - I saw how much sh!t everybody else had to go through to get anywhere. I made-do with my cell and that was that!

Now, I was absolutely amazed, seven business days later I get a call, the technitian is on his way and would like to confirm the directions to my house!! After he arrived (a mere 5 minutes later) he checked the existing lines in the house and disappeared .... here we go I thought, I'll see him in about a month again! But no, he came back an hour or so later, explained that he had to track where the line was coming from (whatever that means) and that was that! Now I have my phone and my internet!!

Gotta have a complication though and here it is - the internet speed is slower than the one I ordered, so I called the rep that we delt with and he says he'll have it dealt with tomorrow morning .... pending this I am very happy and quite surprised :)

If anybody would like the name/number of the rep that we dealt with please send me a PM - I am convinced that it was his persistant checking-up that got us to where we are with such little difficulty.

Stay well,


Jan 1, 2002
Glad you had a good experience, amy. Some times it happens that way, other times it seems to take forever. No way to be sure which it will be when you request service.