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Dec 11, 2003
Any solution must have Henry's immediate and complete dismissal. Dead or alive is a secondary question.
That is not going to happen.

Here is another article -

The issue is that the Montana Group has been unwilling to negotiate with Henry and the Internationals will not go outside the Haitian Constitution which is a very old document - difficult to amend -https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Haiti_2012.pdf?lang=en

There is not much support shown on social media for the Montana Accords but I am making every effort to press to get some idea of transparency --

(As I say to my friends - I may not be at the head table but I am definitely in the main ballroom as I am followed by both Susan D. Page who was the Ambassador to MINUSTAH and Madame Duvalier as well as both NouPapDomi & PetroChallengers who have 70k followers between them. )

I am really just a member of the press corps... with a lot of contacts both in Haiti and the Diaspora. And have achieved a certain level of respect and credibility. It is pretty easy to post someone's name and get a negative review - but almost impossible to get anyone to put forth positive suggestions.

My biggest concern is that neither Montana nor the Blans are including #BBQ - who has also put forth a peace plan which makes a lot of sense..

And it makes no sense to me to NOT negotiate with him before bringing in troops for a blood bath, http://elizabetheames.blogspot.com/2022/10/foreign-intervention-again-in-haiti.html.