Haitian Civil Society Proposal for New Government


Dec 11, 2003
Sorry Annie, can't agree. Just words until factories are built and people are paid and gangsters are shot.
This is more about a government being formed. I am sure that you are aware that Ariel Henry is only an "acting" Prime Minister who was never approved by the legislature. There is NO lower house and only 6 senators have been duly elected. Until there is some sort of structure put in place for an interim transitional government that can have some sort of credibility both within and outside of Haiti, there is no one who can authorize any sort of legal operations in Haiti. For instance, no foreign aid will be forthcoming, no one to sign any sort contracts in the name of the STATE to assure any sort of factories.

About the gangsters being shot? My next door neighbor here - Haitian- and I both agreed yesterday that we would pull the triggers ourselves.
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