Haitian Foreign Minister is here on an official visit


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Feb 20, 2019

Foreign Minister Claude Joseph leads the high-ranking official delegation from Haiti. The mission arrived on Sunday, 29 November 2020 for a week of meetings. Other Haitian officials that are visiting are Diaspora Minister Louis Gonzague Day and Jean Claude Bathelemy, head of Minister Claude Joseph’s cabinet.

Also on the mission are: Max Antoine II, executive secretary of the Technical Committee on Borders; Frantz Jean-Francois, deputy head of the Technical Secretariat of the Dominican-Haitian Joint Commission and Marie-Andree Army Brutus, technical coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the Dominican-Haitian Joint Commission.

The Haitian Foreign Minister is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, 1 December with Foreign Relations Minister Roberto Alvarez at the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Alvarez will host a luncheon for the visiting delegation.

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