Haitians will take over Dominican SW province ‘soon’


Nov 10, 2003
Where are your sources for this claim? From what I've read DR and Haiti where about even until the 1950s when our economy started to surpass theirs. I don't think there was ever a point in history where the average Haitian could look down on us for being backwards compared to them, and definitely not during the Trujillo era. The Parsley Massacre happened in 1930s in the early years of Trujillo's regime, and the Haitian goverment was practically crying to the US government for compensation from DR. If they where so powerful during this time they would have done something about these killings instead of whining to the international community like a bunch of cowards. I'm not just talking about military interventions either, they could have placed some sanctions if they really had the economic advantage, but they didn't. Again, the DR was never "backwards" compared to Haiti. Less populated, yes, but definitely not less developed; not even when their side was the "pearl of the antilles" under the French, since Haiti was entirely an exploitation colony with little infrastructure and architectural development, just compare Haiti's colonial sites to the ones in DR.

Actually his claim are indeed correct. During the beginning of the Trujillo era, Haiti was economically better off than her sister nation Dominican Republic. This was another reason why Trujillo ordered the massacre of Haitians and darker hue Dominicans. He was concerned after visiting the border region that Haitian nationals controlled the commerce and the Haitian gourde was preferred currency as it was stronger than the DOP.

It is well known that the president of Haiti during the time Stenio Vincent and Trujillo were allies and did everything to solidify control of their respective country. It is also important to emphasize that the USA divide and conquer geopolitics had an intricate role in how things were handled. It is also rumored that the two were cousins via Trujillo's Haitian family tree "Les Chevaliers"

To chime in on the territorial encroachment of Haitians in Pedernales is absurd. It's as if saying the anglophone Canadians will decimate francophone Canada.

Right now Haitians should continue building bridges with her neighbor DR for Haiti to become self sufficient and deter Haitian nationals from crossing the border for a better future. It is up to Haitians and Dominicans to reconcile and live respectfully in each nation in harmony. If the French and Germans are allies and partners why can't the two nations who've been exploited by all colonial power then American imperialism can't have the same relations. Haiti needs to stop allowing NGO's to defame DR in the international sphere and DR needs to continue controlling her borders albeit respecting the Human Rights of the Haitian nationals.


Jun 24, 2015
In part because Haiti's political class has zero desire to change things.

In part because they have become experts at taking a mess and making it a bigger mess. The Haitian government has over 200 years under their belt doing just that. You can't teach new tricks to an old dog sort of thing.

In part because the DR is right next to them with all that land.

I remember reading an old letter once where a group of high class Haitian mulattoes clamoured to the then French Ambassador in helping them turn the eastern part of the island into a refuge for the mulattoes wishing to get away from the threats of the blacks.

This also brings to mind what supposedly Thomas Jefferson (one of the founding fathers of the USA) once said: Lets make sure that mess (aka, the Haitian Revolution) stays on that island.

Even before the Haitians took over their part of the island and sent the French either away or a few feet underground, the French often wrote of how much more superior they were than the Spaniards of the east and that was more than enough reason to justify why they should had the entire island to themselves. They said that the French knew how to make the most use of the island while the Spaniards lived a life resembling a 'vegetable' where the entire focus of life was worrying of the afterlife (religion was the centerpiece of life on the eastern part of the island). While the Spaniards lived a tranquil and modest life revolving around simple pleasures and religion, the French saw that immense territory with dollar signs all over the place, if only they had control of it to make those dollar signs a reality in their pockets.

There's this French guy named Weuves (if anyone know where I can find a copy of his writings about the island, let me know; I have only read about him in writings by various Spaniards/Dominicans from colonial times) that was cited saying that he felt disgusted every time he had to visit the Spanish part of the island for business, because the Spaniards thought nothing about having people of color in several political positions and even as priests. According to Weuves, that was one of the reasons why the Spanish part was so much poorer than the French part, all those impure people 'in control of the first orders of society'. The French part was under a completely white government, hence kept things prosperous, according to him. He even criticized the relaxed treatment the Spaniards gave their slaves, treating them as if they were people instead of mere property; and he hated the fact that Spanish law stipulated that any runaway slave from the French part was free as soon as they stepped on Spanish (now Dominican) soil and couldn't be forced back into slavery nor returned to their French owners.

In the end, the 'superiority' of the French did wonders in creating one huge mess. And, of course, the poor Spaniards on the eastern side were left with the broken plates.

Now that's what I call a f**ked up deal. Cleaning up someone else's mess. Not cool, but it has been going on for a long time and modern signs suggest it will not end soon. For many around the world that are aware of the existence of the island, the DR is Haiti's solution. No one is thinking what would happen if the DR was to degrade to the level of Haiti. What territory will become the solution to the island?

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Jun 17, 2017
It is an ongoing problem and needs to be addressed. RD is a sovereign nation and is entitled to protect its borders . That includes sending illegals back home. This is not a debatable subject unless the intent is to create an illegal Haitian zone . Not!

I am sure the Human Rights folk from all the tree hugging countries will make an outcry and ''shame on RD for such harsh treatment for the poor little Haitians ..... they all live in glass houses ; should not throw stones.
Good Rural Economic planning on both Micro and macro scales is a cure to retain RD populations ... and take control of the population as well as the economy. Not a one day job ,,,, more like a decade of intense work by a Professional Regional Economic Strategy and dedicated team. Thats the short version anyway.