Hard Rock Santo Domingo


Jun 16, 2014
You are right. And the food is not interesting either. I recently noticed Hooters was gone at the Acropolis Mall. Could it be Dominicans are loosing interest in this type of food. Burgers and fries etc. And what about Tony Romas ?
The food is not interesting and it's overpriced. The atmosphere reminds me of being in a museum. Hooters is another place whose time has come and gone.
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May 25, 2011
Finally got up to the 4th floor of the Blue Mall today. Was there between 1230 and 1pm. Very sparsley populated.

Ate lunch in the Hard Rock. Just an above excellent bacon cheeseburger. And after I called Citibank to raise my credit limit, I could afford to pay for it.

Seriously $24 was a bit too steep for me, but it was good.
Nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally. What counts is you enjoyed it!
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Aug 23, 2023
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The reason they moved to BM was because most of their clientele when they were in the CZ were Dominicans from areas closer to BM than CZ. The place was never a true magnet of tourists.

With that said, many businesses will go through much of the week not even breaking even vs the operating cost for that day, then comes the weekend and holidays and it makes up for the slow days. Also, for many businesses the middle of the week are their slow days. I don’t know if this also applies to restaurants, but many businesses will not be profitable until the holiday/Christmas season arrives. How the business does during that season will define if the business ends the year with red or blue numbers.

I wouldn’t judge if a business is profitable if you never see many clients there, especially in the middle of the week. If the business seem dead during special holidays (I would think around Mother’s Day is when flower businesses make a good chunk or most of their money), then the writing is on the wall.

With restaurants it could be trickier. Never know if for X restaurant they make most of their business as delivery. In that case, the business itself will seem very empty of clients at most times, but that could be a profitable day for them if most business was done via the Pedidos Ya! type of crowd.

It is tricky to estimate... Like hotels being able to get by on low occupancy — if I remember correctly it could be as low as 20%-30% during off-season... These places can seem like a ghost town.

Overheads are what can be the real thorn in the side of restaurants... Which includes loan servicing.

The food industry is a tough one.


Jun 28, 2003
One thing for sure...those of us that live near or in the Capital can have the best offerings of restaurants (by quantity and quality) in all of the DR. I have read recently that extends to a good deal of Latin America countries.Articles on "Best Chefs etc always have among the candidates Dominicans. We are blessed.
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Feb 23, 2020
Me too. I remember taking our kids to the one on 57th street in Manhattan about 35 years ago, there was the back half of a 50s car protruding above the entrance. It was one of the first restaurants. Today they’re into casinos. They took over Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and now Steve Wynn’s Mirage in Vegas.

I don’t see their popularity waning in DR or anywhere else. (But my favorite radio station is Classic Vinyl on Sirius 😂)
Hard Rock on 57th St.? I only remember Planet Hollywood on 57th Between 6th and 7th Aves.


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Jan 9, 2009
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Hard Rock on 57th St.? I only remember Planet Hollywood on 57th Between 6th and 7th Aves.

You made me doubt my memory, but Google saved me. 😂