Has anyone done business with dr coastal properties in cabrera?


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Nov 23, 2012
HI, MIKE HERE. Has anyone on the board done business with DR Coastal Properties in Cabrera, maria trinidad sanchez?

Are they reputable?.... honesT? The guy seemed really a nice young fellow, very helpful. Its just at my age I like to get some input from other people and refferrals when doing business..

Also I would like to know how strong or steady, and reasonable is the RE market in the Cabrera/ Nagua area...

thanks for all the help in advance.
May 29, 2006
I'd look for the nearest ex-pat bar and ask there for recommendations/references. Maybe Chicos? If nothing else, I hear they have good pizza and Margaritas.

The prices seem high in Cabrera, but they are also offering some nice properties. Some real potential for growth in that area. I want to check it out on my next trip.