Have respect for Asociaci?n de Amigos por los Animales de Sos?a


Feb 27, 2006
If you look at the website of Asociaci?n De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sos?a, Inc. you will see the fantastic work that is done to help the animals all over the North coast of the DR. Literally hundreds of puppies, kittens, older dogs and cats have been taken in by Judy, the president of this charitable organisation and kept, sometimes for many months or even over a year, until some caring person comes to claim them for adoption. The association is able to offer a fantastic spay/ neuter programme, has secured many drugs for the treatment of the animals (including rabies shots) and all that is requested is a small donation when the dog/ cat is adopted by a family.

As ever there are abusers and I heard of one such person from Judy this week. I won't post his telephone number on this main board but I understand his name is 'Ken' and if he, or his friends/ acquaintances/ colleagues read this post I am sure they will know who it is. I understand Ken's daughter found a box which contained a number of, presumably abandoned, young puppies. Despite, being advised if he could not keep them a while, he should attempt to find someone who may help them whilst they would receive the necessary anti parasite meds and be eligible for the aaasosua spay/ neuter programme. he said he would prefer to have the puppies destroyed! He was also asked to submit photos so the process towards adoption could begin. Within an hour, the puppies were dumped by 'Ken' at Judy's Pet Lodge with the comment "we all know that you will get money for them".

When called by telephone, he denied his name - I wonder how he explained all this scenario to his daughter who found the pups?

The Friends of the Animals have and do go out of their way to assist every animal but they are not a profit making organisation so please, everyone, try to be reasonable.


Mar 4, 2004
I have nothing but respect for the great work Judy does. Anyone who thinks it is a money-making concern is extremely misguided. We adopted Bella Rosa from Judy last November time; the adoption contribution barely covers the cost of the spaying op. plus the first & second series of vaccinations which we would have expected to pay in any event, since the puppy became our responsibility once we offered her a home.

We thought initially that Bella Rosa had a chronic intestinal problem or intolerance to fats or poorly functioning liver which failed to metabolise fats sufficiently - this based on chronic diarrhea. Judy even offered to take the dog back. However we persevered, adjusted her diet (& did a lot of clearing up!). You should see this dog now! :) Happy, healthy and a heck of a lot larger. Other than her penchant for coprophagia she is perfect (& we're dealing with that through behavioural methods). And her personality and intelligence are both amazing. Our other 'stray' Rumba didn't take to Bella Rosa at first; now they are inseparable. A really happy adoption story!

There are so many unwanted animals here that someone who does something about it deserves everyone's support.


Sep 27, 2006
Other than her penchant for coprophagia she is perfect (& we're dealing with that through behavioural methods).
and i thought that my puppy's comebasura attitude was bad! :cheeky:
i would really like to kick the butt of all those a**holes who mistreat animals. even more so, if they are extranjeros - they should know better!
i do my little share of animal help by feeding all homeless dogs in sight. and bless my otherwise crazy dominican neighbours - even they came in to say i have a good heart :bunny:
kudos for judy and thanks god for all the good people who help animals. amen.