HB Cigar question



On my recent trip to POP, I paid full price for a nice box of La Aurora in an upscale supermarket. On opening them tonight, I found them to be what being a novice would consider them to be dry. They are not crumbling, but they are not moist either. They cut easily like dry leaves.

They smoke pretty nicely for the $3 each I paid for them, so no complaint there.

First question, is this common? Second question, do I need to preserve them in a humidor, or can I get away with a simple air tight container, with maybe an occasional moistened piece of paper towel tossed in?

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On Storing Cigars

You best bet is to place them in some sort of tupperware container. In a Ziploc bag, place a damp paper towel. Place this inside the tupperware container.
Alternate method:
Buy 1 soap dish, like we used to take to camp.
Buy a tiny bit of florist's foam to fit inside the soap dish.
Moisten the foam and place the soap dish upside down in the tupperware container, so that it does not touch directly any of the cigars.
Third Method (For cigar smokers)place cigars in a Large Ziploc bag. Place damp paper towel in a smaller Ziploc bag, and place this inside the first. Place both in the veggie drawer of the refrigerator.
For Good Cigars, and Auroras are good cigars, a humidor is the proper restingplace @70% Relative Humidity and 70 degrees F.
The dryness might have been the time that they spent at the store without the proper care.