Heads up in Santo Domingo


Jan 1, 2002
Just got back from a business trip in Santo Domingo. Yesterday, one of my passengers noticed a person on a motor bike following us. At first we thought it was just a coincidence, after about an hour of going up and down different streets, we were sure. No one in the car had his gun so the only way we were able to get rid of him was by pulling into the yard of PN's ?Projecto Piloto?s? yard. As soon as he saw that, he took off. Who knows what his intentions were. Anyway, when in the Capital, check your rear view mirror.
BTW, also had ?dinner? at Tony Roma?s. In the price range, it qualified as the worst meal I ever had. Steak was hard (I even ordered the ?importada ?) , Ribs were hard. The cook had the nerve to tell me it was tender. I asked him if he ever had a steak in Canada or the US. He said no. They finally brought me some chicken which was just as bad. All for only 1,000.00 pesos. I will never again complain about the food in Sosua. I was also disappointed with the Hotel Continental. Worth spending an extra 15 bucks/day and staying at the Embajador.