Health authorities: So far, so good; let’s keep it that way!


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Feb 20, 2019

The health team of the Abinader administration has reason to feel good about themselves and reasons to be concerned people may let down their guard. The spread of Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic has declined significantly. For the Tuesday 29 September 2020 press conference, Health Minister Plutarco Arias spoke of 234 confirmed cases in Bulletin #194 and a positivity rate of 13.18% for the past four weeks. This compares to 32.41% positivity rate at the change of government on 16 August 2020.

Better still, active cases have declined to 22,801 as of the 28 September deadline. The active cases are 345 fewer than on the previous day. The active cases have been steadily declining.

Dr. Eddy Perez Then, spokesperson for Covid-19 at the Ministry, is concerned that the efforts to kickstart domestic tourism and the reducing of the curfew hours could result in a rebound of the...
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