Hearings postponed for next week in case against Alexis Medina


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Feb 20, 2019

Defense lawyers of 10 arrested in “Anti-Octopus” (Operación Anti-Pulpo) Operation are getting six days to study the accusations against their clients. The accusations are documented in a 267-page prepared by prosecutors at the Justice Department and the Specialized Anti-Administrative Corruption Agency (Pepca).

The case would resume on Sunday, 6 December 2020. The corruption case focuses on Juan Alexis Medina, the youngest brother of former President Danilo Medina. In addition to Juan Alexis Medina, others arrested are for collaboration in government contracting using the family ties of Juan Alexis Medina to government.

The case focuses on Juan Alexis Medina’s involvement in companies that won millionaire supplier contracts with the Fund of Capitalized Companies (Fonper), the Ministry of Public Health and the Office of Supervising Engineers of Public Works (Oisoe)...

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