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simpson Homer

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Nov 14, 2003
Help kids from Batey fields

Hello Guys,

I'm just wanted to drop a few lines to ask if there
anyone of you who live in Toronto because I'm trying
to send some toys and stuff for school at the Bateys.

Already, I was talking to the Hatian representative
DR. Eric Pierre
902 Bathurst street
Toronto, Ontario

In Santo Domingo, if there some one who wants to help
contact : Asistencia Social and Legal for Haitian
at Haitian Embassy, (809) 5778 and Cell. (809)765-2744
Ronald Beldor

PS: Some times we have stuff that we consider it as garbage but for other people is very important.

If you have some old toys just contact me here in Toronto:
Homer Simpson
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simpson Homer

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Nov 14, 2003

I just wanted to say thanks to some people who has being
giving making this proyect possible.

dears readers I got 2 boxes of old toys already, if some of you have old toys and you are living at the Ontario area please
contact me, I will try to pick the toys by your area.

Thanks again

Homer Simpsom


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Jan 2, 2002
Homer I sent out some emails and gave out your phone number. Hope that's ok.

Are you buying a stairway to heaven that Jesus sang about?

Just kidding if you're a Simpson fan you'll get that.