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Aug 14, 2003

I am supposed to be getting married in DR in November nr Puerta Plata.

My inlaws have decided that they cannot risk the 3rd world health care as he has suffered heart attacks in the past. Can anyone give me some idea of the capabilities of local hospitals to treat such matters and the availability of specialist drugs?

Any help and advice would be welcomed. Me and fiancee love DR, been coming for last 5 years but want parents there.




Jan 1, 2002
Had a heart attack 2 years ago and Centro Medico Dr. Bournigal in Pto.Pta. did an excellent job. They had to "ZAP" me several times. They have excellent cardiologists. I wouldn't worry if he takes his medication. The only sequel, sometimes I use this board to send personal messages and CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCcolon has to get on my case. LOL

Peter & Alex

May 3, 2003
More info

Had a heart attack here in Cabarete last year, my 2nd or 3rd!! Local medical centre had a doctor to my house in 15 minutes - stabilised etc., etc. Had to get a pal to drive me to POP Bournigal as waiting for an ambulance is a never never, but that worked and they fixed me up.
Have just been to Santo Domingo for insertion surgery of 3 new heart/artery stents, used a really good Cardiologist, Dr. Angel B. Contreras). E-mail me if you want his number and perhaps you could talk to him to assess the risk!
Depending on your in-laws history of previous emergency medication could determine whether he's at extreme risk or not. You have to be careful if he's had thrombolytic therapy before, (Streptokinase or the like), then he should NOT be treated with this again in the event of another attack!!!! It would worry me that Brounigal wouldn't know this and could, through ignorance of a patients history use this drug again and create a bigger problem. In my case, my wife knows the problem and would speak out before emergency treatment was started - after she got out the life insurance papers of course!
Dr. Angel does keep special drugs in Santo Domingo but that's a long way away from POP!!!
All other medication for heart patients is available at most local pharmacies - I have no problem getting mine.
I may be a fatalist but I look at it this way - If you're gonna go then your gonna go!! For me the risks are acceptable and we live here full time.
Your in-law may want to consider how he feels and then make a decision after talking to his own doctor etc.
Any way, good luck
Peter & Alex