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Jul 6, 2007
What are the minimum requirements to enable me to bring my wife (dominican and with child) back to the UK.
What are the minimum requirements tobring my wife to the UK if pregnant and I want my child born in UK.
Why is it such an arse?


Aug 22, 2008
It is such an arse because the British are so up their own arse.
And yes, I am British.
That is why I left.(That and the cold, gray misery of the damned place especially in summer)


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Sep 13, 2006
It is actually quite easy. But if she is your wife and you want a permanent residency visa - you have to be in the Uk for at least 6 months and prove you can support her. ie have house and job and proof of that for at least 6 months.

If you are here and want her to go back with you the only oprion is temporary visitors visa and prove that she will come back her - therefore she needs to be rich and have house and business and lots of money here.

If she has no money and you are both here .....could be a problem. But the British visa thing is quick compared to other countries - like 2 weeks.



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Aug 31, 2005

I sympathise with Pedrochemica's views (I'm British too) but the reality is that almost EVERY country protects itself against uncontrolled visiting and immgration for all sorts of reasons.

So you really just need to know how to best manage the rules. In your (wife's) case, you're a Brit, married with an expected child. So you have every right (literally) to want your wife to be with you in the UK, for any reason. As Matilda said, you can't get residency until she's there for 6 months (and then it's automatic and easy, unlike the USA, here or just about anywhere else) so SHE must apply for a VISITOR'S VISA. However, when she applies, YOU should add a letter - the Embassy doesn't ask for, recommend or even suggest this - that explains why you want your wife to have the visa, why you guarantee her behaviour (and that she'll leave in 6 months or less) and why you can be trusted (because you are a Brit, presumably without any criminal record and that you would never do anything to hurt your mother country - say more if you have more on your side, e.g. f you're a professional it's worth saying so). In that same letter, you should offer yourself for interview (at same time as your wife's interview) and you should be there in the Embassy when they interview her so as to ensure they can interview you too.

If the visa is refused, you need to immediately appeal - they have no right to bar access to your WIFE unless they can provide proof of their reason for wanting to bar her. If they refuse her without inerviewing you, as part of the appeal, demand to know why they failed to interview you. However, I very much doubt they'll refuse the visa if you do as I say (it's what I did for my Constanzera fiancee, who long ago became my wife).

I've helped 3 Dominicanas travel to the UK, each on separate occasions, each from a very poor family (so none had any assets), one having already been refused a visitor's visa to the USA. All 3 gained their UK visitor's visa at the first attempt.

If you need to talk, we can chat by phone as I'm in Constanza, so presumably at least 2 hours drive away.

Good luck.
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Jun 9, 2005

If you are planning on staying in the UK longer term, the best path to take would be the Spouse Visa route. This will give your wife 2 years in the UK after which she can then apply for residency. Applying for a visitor visa will only give her the time on the card and she will not be able to extend this or apply for residency here in the UK, but will have to return to DR and reapply for the Spouse visa once the time is up. I would also investigate healthcare here, because on a visitors visas you would be liable to pay all the maternity costs incurred whilst here.

Good luck, hope it all works out well for you x


Aug 20, 2007
As some of you probably know the British Government changed the Visa application system last year. Although you can deliver the papers and payment to SD everything has to go to New York which is staffed by morons who know absolutely nothing about the Dominican Republic. One, they can't read nor count, they said that the date on which our marriage certificate was translated was the actual date of the marriage. Two they insist that a woman running a house, an aged husband, three rooms let out as B & B is classified as unemployed. Three going to stay jointly with her british husband's extended family for a few days each means she won't come back, her aged Mother and siblings count for nothing. Four they insist that all communications go and are sent by mail giving a month for replies totally ignoring the fact that a letter to or from here takes around two months. I have never been so disgusted with British organisation and bureaucracy. We put in a very strong objection as did one of my brothers who has now been appointed as her representative and surprise, surprise they have now started to communicate by email and through our P.O.Box address in Miami. Appeals Tribunal has agreed that she has been very unfairly treated and we now await the result of the Tribunal before a Judge. I also endorse solisdad 2000's suggestions. When I see the weird and "wonderful" people inhabiting UK cities now I am even more gateful to be living here in the RD.


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Mar 18, 2009
my dominican boyfriend wants to visit me in britian in october on a visitors visa, im curious to know how long the process will take and is it really as difficult and frustrating like ive heard?? :S