Help Needed For Downed Pilot


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Mar 4, 2004
Maurice Kirk ditched his 1943 Piper Cub 75 miles north of Puerto Plata on Sunday - the flight was part of his round the world solo flight. Captain Kirk :rolleyes: is a colourful character who currently needs help in trying to rescue the aircraft. He needs a) someone to calculate likely buoyancy/ possibility of aircraft still being afloat, details here - ignore the date on his website, this happened last weekend:

and b) sponsorship to raise Liberty Girl if she isn't floating
YouTube - Liberty Girl takes a Swim

There is a temporary Turcs & Caicos phone number on his website for direct contact and I have his wife's UK number if anyone wants to PM me.

The story in the The Times is here:
Crash pilot Maurice Kirk rescued from the Caribbean - Times Online
BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | 'Flying Vet' in plane crash drama