Help needed Urgently


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May 26, 2003
Hi guys

I need help from anyone who has a small furnished apartment in central Santo Domingo that they can let my wife and 2 children rent for perhaps 3 months until our new apartment is ready to move into.

Basically my wife is bringing the kids over so that can get registered for school at the Dominico Americano school and it seems that short lets are hard enough as it is to get hold of, but ones that are available specify 'no kids' - what they think kids will do to a place is beyond me, my 2 are 9 yrs and 11 years old and are 100% good, well behaved children.

So PLEASE any ideas, they arrive in Santo Domingo on 29th July and will have to shack up with friends if we can't find anywhere.

Aparthotels are just too expensive for our budget. I'd love to surprise the wife and solve her problem.

I'm sure some of you have an empty apartment that would suit the bill. It would be lovingly looked after I can assure you.

Its a long shot asking like this but we are a bit desperate.