Help! Transport from Bavaro to Sabana de la Mar


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Jan 29, 2004
A big hello to all forum users!;)

I am planing on a week in DR end of Feb. Being airline staff I have to arrive in PC. Apart from the gua guas I am trying to find out (without much luck so far) if there is another way to get to Sabana de La mar from Bavaro to catch the ferry for Samana.
Anyone know reliable how much a Taxi would cost for 4 people?
Are there any companies who deal with such transfers? (we would need to get back again same way!)

Any info much appreciated!!

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Nov 14, 2003

The taxi might charge you US150.00 or $200.
Its long way a the road is very bad I dont know the schedule of the boat. What I know there is 1 in the morning and one in the Afternoon. Its almost 2:30. to get SAbana de la mar from punta Cana.

Road it very bad condition and it could take more time. You can find out if there is a flight to Samana and not to take the risk to miss the boat and spend a night in Sabana de la mar.

There is option:

Rent a car in Europcar, Avis,National Rent a Car
and get there driving via Santo Domingo.

*** flight from Punta Cana. to Samana
In case you have to spend the night in Bavaro go to Cortecito Inn
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