Help! TV repair needed!


New member
Jan 8, 2002
My late model Panasonic TV/VCR combo bit the dust yesterday. The LEDs light up on the front, but nothing happens except that it made a clicking noise for a while. We presume the problem is related to a power surge that hit the house of few months ago. I checked the fuse and looked for any obvious problems and came up empty. Anyone know of any qualified repair shops in SD?


Jan 2, 2002
seems like the power relay switch problem that turns on the TV when you press power on the remote control.
take it to any local repair shop around the corner and it will be fixed within hours. Not a big problem at all and shouldn't cost you more than 3 hundred pesos at most.
If you live in santiago then let me know, i will send you to the guys next door to my office. they do good quality work on inverters (UPS), TVs and computers. Great prices and efficient work (becuase I check on them from time to time).