Hi From Thailand,soon DR


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Dec 13, 2011
Hi all, Just saying hello.Im Len living in Thailand at the moment.Want to move to DR so I hope to see u all asap.


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Jul 8, 2005
Len, Why would you want to move from a country that offers soo much more than the DR. Power 24/7 and actual mail delivery to your door. I cried the last time i left Thailand...................... In my next life i want to be an Aussie so i am closer to Thailand.


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Oct 22, 2009
You are really going to miss the food.
If you do, head to the Asian store on 27 february, I got everything I needed there, now to find green papaya could be the next hurdle. I was looking to get some Chinese beer Tsing Tao but a non starter, do they sell this anywhere in SD, I haven't even seen it in the Chinese Resturants.

If you miss the other I can offer no advice sorry !!:cheeky:


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Mar 16, 2011
Hey Len...welcome to DR1 and soon to the DR! Do you have work here already set up, or a place to live?
Have an awesome trip...we'll look forward to hearing more from you! :)


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Aug 15, 2007
I've got quite a few stamps from different countries and continents on my passports, and have concluded the following:

1) The world is full of places in better shape than the DR, infrastructure and economy-wise

2) There are very few places in the world where the women are more shapely than in DR.

Yes, yes, there are tons of other reasons to travel the world, and to love DR for that matter. But let's face it, the OP isn't likely in Thailand for the food (available everywhere) or the joy of learning The World's Most Counter-Intuitive Language (at least for westerners).

He's probably in that part of Asia for the the Asians. And if he likes Thai girls, he'll LOVE Dominican women. And we know he'll be loving them every chance he gets, quite likely. :bunny::bunny::bunny:

Some advice prior to arriving (other than the typical "learn spanish," which he's heard 100 times, and still probably won't do):

1) Learn how to make your favorite foods prior to arriving, and teach your maid/novia(s) whatever.

2) Understand that DR isn't all like any of the places you've lived before. It's a unique animal.

3) Relax and have fun. If you can handle the madness of Bangkok, SD should be a piece of cake. The same goes for less congested areas.