Highly efficient Fly killer


Aug 20, 2007
We have just been introduced to Powder Fly Killing Bait in English, in Chinese I can't read it, could be ying tong iddel I po for all I know. Anyway it is the most efficient fly killer I have ever come across in my life. Just sprinkle some in the lid of an old butter container either on a mango stone or on its own, watch the flies swoop upon it, then start dancing, then die. So far we have only found one inconvenience with it, that is you have to sweep the dead flies up at least every half hour. It is made in China by the Bejing Greenleaf Century Daily-use Co. Ltd. in 5 grm packets and is sold here at 30RD$ a packet. I am told that it is only sold by itinerant walking around pedlars not in shops. We were told that their cucaracha killing powder is equally efficient and will be trying that next. If wanted I will keep you posted.

Criss Colon

Jan 2, 2002
Probably is just a way for the Chinese to get rid of all that contaminated milk powder that killed all their kids 2 years ago! Better be VERY Careful with it!

May 29, 2006
I worry about pesticides that are Chinese made without any active ingredients listed on them. They may be effective, are there standards for health or safety with them? Even in the US, there are fly baits that you are not even suppose to use indoors because they are so toxic. What if a couple of the flies land on the bait and then on some of your food before dancing off into the great unknown? You can get a lot of pesticides in the DR that are banned elsewhere for good reason.

From what I gather with a quick google search, the active ingredient is Azamethiphos. Here is one link on it:
Pollutant Fact Sheet

I wouldn't use it anywhere near your food or inside the house for that matter.