Higuey International Airport


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Mar 31, 2004
I had to see it, so I drove out there today. I couldn't believe that the news stories weren't exagerations at all. First we passed around 500,000 birds, or so. Next was the garbage dump, which was very big, garbage as far as the eye could see. Included in the garbage dump was a garbage barrio with residents on horses sifting through the ocean of garbage. As you continue down the road you encounter a beatiful international airport, which of course is closed. I have no idea what it cost to build, but it an impressive airport in comparison to Las Americas. There was a military guard at the gate but no other sign of life. The tower and terminal look extremely modern and ready to go.

I have to believe after seeing all of this that even a Haitian who was pouring concrete must have made a comment about the thousands of birds, the miles of garbage, and the deadly smell. Oh, I forgot to mention the firing range located along the runway perimeter.

I've seen insanity similar, but not even close in the US. Metro-Rail in Miami was dumping ground for tax dollars and doomed to fail. This is more like a practical joke played on every taxpayer here.

Forgetting that the FAA will NEVER allow US commercial traffic in there, what about the new ride into town. No more drive along the ocean. The new arrival will be the smell of death, the drive past the shooting range, a 4 mile drive over garbage mountain, and finally a pass by the cemetary.

How does the locals not revolt just a little with insanity like this right in their faces.? :tired: