Hippo a hero? A major fraud took place


Jan 1, 2002
Beatnut??? You had the opportunity to vote but didn't??? SHAME on you for shunning your responsibilities as a citizen of the DR!!! Most of us who post on these forums are Ex-Pats & have not the luxurary of the vote (if we had, maybe Hippo might not have got in to power in 2000 & the country might still be a GROWING nation!!). Being Ex-Pats, we don't have the social stigma & family diatribe to listen to & are free to make up our own minds as to who is best for the country - ALL citizens of the country, rather than the selected & biased few!!!

We also have a fair idea of how Governments can/should work from experiences from other countries (Good AND Bad!!), so are able to offer constructive & unbiassed comments. Hipolito was BAD for the Dominican Republic pure & simple!! Even if he started off as a honourable person (which I very much doubt) he let himself be bullied into acts SO GROSS in their effect on the DR, that he became an idiot & failure as President. How you can say that he is 100% better as a President than Leonel, proves that you have NOT studied the 1996/2000 & 2000/2004 periods of Presidencies!!

I understand that you are only 18 & therefore do not have the experince of many of us who are quite a few years older, but please do not try to insult our intelligence & suggest that we are biased towards Leonel - I think all of us would be happy to support ANY party &/or President that was FOR the country - no matter WHAT party!!

Please, diarise in your college notebook to continue to this argument in 15 months time when Leonel has been in the position of President for 12 months (IF you continue on this board for that long!!) & we will gladly discuss what sucesses/failures he has contributed to the DR's future at that stage!! - Grahame.


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May 29, 2004
Beatnut said:
^^i havent presented a solid fact? have you bothered lookinbg up anything i said?

Ye i had, and as i said before i just saw the same old an never proven accusations being thrown around in this country by the PPH campaign people. You even admit that one of your "sources" is a book that came out in the campaign days (gee, that book must be so accurate and objective). A solid fact is not, by far, repeating an accusation made by others.

Beatnut said:
youll see this soon when leo isnt the messiah you see him to be.

Can you quote the part of any of posts that could give anyone the idea that i consider Leonel Fernandez a messiah? Man you do like to talk about stuff that is far from real.


Aug 4, 2003
project9 said:
Man you do like to talk about stuff that is far from real.

Isnt that the official stance of the PRD and it's followers? If the truth doesnt benefit you, just talk as much crap as you possibly can to "confuse"...

Beatnut, i'd respond to your posts but since arguing with PRDeistas is as fruitful as paddling upstream without an oar, I wont.

I will say this though, you are a confused young man and I truly hope that your mentality is not that of the majority of the D.R. youth.

As far as I can tell, no one here has called Leonel a savior or anything of the sort but when you compare him to the idiot that is Hipolito Mejia, he is a genius saint.

frank alvarez

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Apr 13, 2004
Like Robert Said....

Why Does Everyone Respond To This Ding-dong Beatnut?....like Robert Said....it Must Have Been Quite A Drop From That Tree!


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Jul 1, 2004
Porfio_Rubirosa said:
We should be thanking our lucky stars that a 1965 redux was avoided.

If 50% of the story were true, then trials for sedition would be in order.

Do any of you actually live in the DR? If you dont then i suggest you dont speak about someone making up stories. It is a TRUE story and it really happend! Didnt you watch the elections on tv?
People were shot and injured the day of elections,
PLD and PRD was like a gang war that day. Thank God there wasnt massive bloodshed.
The story is about 90% accurate for all of you that doubt.