history of sancocho historia de sancocho


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Nov 15, 2005
I am researching Dominican Sancocho for a class, and I am in need of help. Does anyone know anything about the history of the dish? or why it is part of the cultural identity? I know how it is made, and that it is the national dish, but I need more information. Thanks for the help.

Estoy investigando sancocho dominican para una clase y necesito ayuda. Alguien sabe la historia del plato? o por que es parte de la identidad cultural? Ya se prepararlo y que es el plato nacional pero necesito mas informacion. Gracias por la ayuda.



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Apr 15, 2004
I think I saw his picture in the Vatican or a Byzantine church somewhere. The saintly figure was kneeling in front of a kettle or pot, and behind him a gruesome looking Centurion holding a machete, right above his head, in a downward motion gesture of decapitation. An inscription in greek letters wrote: "San Cocho, el santo m?s sabroso"