Hola, hola, hola

Jimmy Constanza

New member
Dec 11, 2021
guess LOL
I've enjoyed a life with a lot of travel to many countries. Not like the guys that just fly somewhere to claim they have been the the country or continent. I like to take time and explore. I've really enjoyed a few countries in particular and the DR is top 3 for me.

I've been "retired" more or less for 3 years and Covid has mucked up my travel plans and I'm overdue. Luckily I've saved more than usual the last couple of years by staying home and not racking up all the flight and hotel costs, and I'm now going to spend a few weeks or months wherever I go.

The DR will be one of them as will "Europe" and more Caribbean islands.

I'll be opening or starting some threads with questions and I hope some of you will be kind enough to offer some answers and insight.

Thanks :)