Holiday Curfew


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Aug 29, 2005
Has there been any word as to whether the liquor curfew will be lifted for the holidays.. New Years Eve is on a Sunday... doesnt give much time for partying after the clock strikes midnight :(

Victor Laszlo

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Aug 24, 2004
0 news item, 10/31

Holiday cheer?
Government spokesperson Roberto Rodriguez Marchena has informed the public that the alcohol laws will be repealed, temporarily, for the Christmas holidays, saying that this will bring much joy to the Dominican public. The alcohol laws, which limit the sales of alcoholic beverages to midnight on Sunday through Thursday and 2am on Friday and Saturday, will be repealed between 23 December and 1 January. Rodriguez clarified that the move does not mean that fighting crime is no longer a priority and stressed that the move was only temporary. Quoted in Listin Diario, Pastor Luis Rosario has come out against the decision to repeal the decree, even temporarily, saying that the authorities are doing so at their own risk.

I haven't heard of anything changing since this was posted. Presumably the 1 January date means New Years Eve would be included. Since no alternate closing times are mentioned, I assume it means 'til all hours, just like before the curfew. We shall see what happens.