Hooters Restaurant in Santiago?


Mar 27, 2004
hey I hear they opened a Hooters in Santiago?, Is it any good there ? I plan to be visiting soon around the 25th of Febuary and plan to stay in Santiago for a few days , anyone been there ? I hope its like the way they used to be here in the states :) also saw online there having Fashion Week there ? any info on whats going on there ? should be alot of fun with the Inpendencia and all .Do you think it will be hard to get a hotel room ? at say Camp David or at the Aloha Hotel? any input would be appreciated looking forward to my next visit there .


Jan 18, 2012
As is come to the girls it is like US. Never been there in the evening but at daytime it is dead as all places here in Santiago.
Dont expect the same quality on the food they name it the same but for me it is not the same.
But I admit it is a matter of taste and feeling.
So if you visit hooters for the girls its ok.
Regarding the hotels go online and check it my experience is if you have the money they have the rooms