Hotels in Santo Domingo


Apr 29, 2014
I don't think we know for sure when anything is going to open. Phase III of the reopening plan is on hold for the time being. This will delay everything else and in light of our infection rate probably should.

Joe Boots

Jun 16, 2008
Hello DR1. Early this year I stayed in the newly renovated Hotel Conde La Penalba. I paid about 65 a night for a small one bed queen size room. No balcony or anything like that. I found it so nice clean, staff wonderful, continental breakfast great, TV, AC, all perfect. Noise ends about 10;00 from the restaurant with great food downstairs. For convenience this was the bomb. If I am only stopping off for a couple of days this place is now my go to. If you haven't taken the Choo Choo do so. The Museum Sub Aquatico is a worthwhile visit when it re opens (Covid ? close). The hotel is right in Parkeo Colon fantastic! I highly recommend for those who don't want to stay in their room. Those want a great relaxing place to sleep with total convenience of facilities before the next days activities. I am sure they have large rooms. But at higher price. I kinda miss the old look with the smokey wood panels so reminiscent of an earlier period of Rum and Cigars. But this was so tastefully done that I got over it relatively quickly. If the little coffee shop on El Conde the "Cafeteria" modernized tho I will cry like a baby.


Sep 27, 2017
So Hard Rock casino in Punta Cana is closed along with casinos closed in Santo Domingo?
Perhaps a member of the community in close proximity to this location could assist you better. I happen to be in Juan Dolio at the moment.
I would not want to provide false information.