How to answer this question


Jun 7, 2008
I have a close friend who is in his late 40s and is in the computer tech support industry.His trade esentially allows him to work anywhere in the world.
He is Canadian and therefore always resides there for 6 months of the year. He has spent the last 8 years living the other half years in Thailand, and yes you guessed it he likes beautiful women younger than he.
He is a professional and no party animal but obviously likes beautiful country, beaches and women.
Myself I am about 7 years younger than he and have lived and worked here in SD for about 7 months now.Because we are good friends and talk regularly he has asked me the following question.

Is SD and the DR a good place to live for 6 months of the year and for possibly the next 10 years or maybe more? He asked me if I would recommend this?
He is currently planning a 2 week trip here to check things out but needs to organize his business prior to this visit.
Now of course he is a mature adult that can make his own decisions and draw his own conclusions.
Now after this question it really got me thinking of how to answer it honestly, now obviously this is a matter of one mans interpretation but it really presents a bit of dilemna for me. Now I would really like his friendship here as well i have some busines relations with him that would also be more beneficial with he here, but again I dont want to lead him on.
His concerns of course are safety from violence, robberies, muggings he doesnt want to live looking over his shoulder daily.He says in 8 years of Thailand never had any issues whatsoever.
My experience over [past 7 months has been so so beCause i have had a few professional scammers including car mechanics pull some scams on me as well have been regularly lied to without a bat of the eye from so called DR professional.
I also keep reading of all the negativity,corruption and concerns of the hundreds of gangland criminal deportees returning over the next few years.
Now the good, I have a wonderful dominican girlfriend who is as honest and helpful as one could ever imagine, as well a good helpful honest DR amigo.

I am reaching out for any advice or how others would answer this question.