How to rent an apartment in Santo-Domingo?


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Nov 5, 2003
At first, please, forgive me for my English. I'm from the East Europe, I'm married on dominican girl, we have child 3 years old. Last time my wife was in Dominican Republic when she was 6 years old and she remembers nothing about it. She is only half-dominican, her father is from DR, but they do not communicate, though we have his phone.

Both of us do not speak Spanish and we know about dominican republic only owing to this site which we are reading already for a long time.

We want to lead this winter in heat, having a rest from the European frosts. We want to see Santo-Domingo and the country and if we will like it, I do not exclude an opportunity to move there to live. My wife is against of it, but I have reasons for emigration...

For the beginning we want to call her father to ask if he will help us with citizenship. I know, that if he will help us with it, it will not be the big problem for us.

But as it is no attitudes many years with him, we would not want to make him superfluous problems and will be limited only to the request for the help with citizenship.

We need to rent a good apartment in the center of Santo-Domingo from three months to half-year, approximately for 1000-2000 $US/month with furniture, 2-3 rooms, 100-140m2, with security and the conditioner. Ideally if in the house there will be a pool.

As far as it is possible and where we should go with these questions?

Thank you very much!
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