How was Francisco Garc?a's first year in the NBA? ..


Mar 8, 2004
Decent rookie season

In 67 games, averaged the following per game:

Minutes: 19.4
Points: 5.6
Assists: 1.4
Rebounds: 2.8
3-Pts: 0.6 at 28.5%
FT %: 77.2%

Had a decent season when they gave hime time. Still a little tentative with his shot and decision-making, as most rookies are. Did okay in the 1st round of the playoffs. Played behind Bonzi Wells and Ron Artest

Will have a pretty good career, if he works on fine-tuning his game. Would've have done great if Rick Adelman remained the coach, but we'll see. That system seemed to fit his game.