How'd we do and can we make it work?


May 3, 2000
This Canadian reporter say Dominicans are the big losers of the Games ( Okay, we are paying and will be paying the bills for years to come.
Dominicans knew all the time the Pan Am Games was circus and a way for many to get rich fast -- with the oversized venues building and generous supplier contracts, also with all the last minute ordering because things were not done on schedule.
Because most events were not free and because of the long lines to buy tickets, most Dominicans just tuned into the Games on TV, thus the empty stadiums seen so frequently in the telecasts.
But would like to read comments from those who attended the Games:
Once the first bugs were worked out, is it true that we now have Olympic standard facilities? Which ones are top class and places that could attract regional and world competitions?
Were Dominican good hosts and did we live up to our reputation as a most hospitable people?
How was the food at the athletes' village? We did pay for the Royal Caribbean Cruise chef to direct the food show.

Dominicans know the biggest challenge is not winning medals but to NOT turn the olympic standard venues into hurricane refugees and instead to get in place programs to attract world and regional championships to keep these facilities going so Dominicans can enjoy them in the future and develop strong sports programs for the benefit of the future generations.
The original plan was not to build all these world class venues, but to present the Games on a more modest scale. Now that the bigger expense was made, let us know your opinions and ideas on programs, ideas to preserve these facilities and keep the venues going with world class and regional events. Names have not been mentioned, but Jose Joaquin Puello, president of the Organizing Committee, has leaked that seven companies/institutions have already offered to upkeep seven facilities. There is some hope these will not become white elephants. Or is that utopic thinking? Was it at least half worth the big effort? Let us know.


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Jul 8, 2003
congradulations DR

Yes, you pulled it off, with style.

Good facilities -- You said miracles could happen and they did. Facilities were still being workerd on but the important parts worked, and worked well. Also what broke got fixed, pronto. And they get better every day. Should be very useful.

BTW at the 1984 olympics some facilities were temorary. Lots of unfinished bits were covered with bright colored banners. And there was confusion and problems.

Hospitality - wonderful. And that goes for every one, not just the officials or the important people. I'm a nobody and everyone treated me kindly patiently and with respect from the top officials to the barrio kids.

Food - I don't know about the village, but i ate very well. Street venders, colmados, grocery stores, partys and private homes. I tried anything that was hot and fresh and some others. I ate and drank fresh coconuts at different stages; soft, hard and jelly. Til I deserved to get sick, but i did not. I loved it all and regret not eating even more of it.

I hope in the long run it works out well for the DR, not just invester types. Also when the rich people get more money, maybe they will spend it. Circulating economy makes cents to me, but i'm a little simple minded about finances.

Traffic - was not bad. In LA when the US president visits things are tied up for hours. Freeways come to a stop, and it can be a big mess. The DR president cuased only minor delays.
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