I can't help feeling sorry for all the. . .


Dec 12, 2009
I'm not saying the mortality rate is high .... I wish there was no curfew ... but the virus is definitely real... its not a hoax
Its a Hoax because the DEATH Numbers WERE completely WRONG and Fabricated .
what part of this is still confusing ??
who said NO one died ? .. Who said that it was not a REAL Virus ?
No one

but does it fit the definition of pandemic?
No it does NOT ... and now people are finally waking up , a little at a time .


May 31, 2019
And your butt buddy can look up " Contagious"
whatever happened to your BLM sig ? not a fan any more ?
Stay focused on the word pandemic which you thought was medical jargon. It's clearly defined in children's dictionaries lol. Furthermore did my black lives matter slogan bother you? Stop with the internet thug act please
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Welcome To Wonderland
Apr 1, 2014
whatever happened to your BLM sig ? not a fan any more ?
I'll tell ya exactly what happened to it. A few weeks ago
during one of my drunken tiger evenings while still in FL,
I removed my redneck in a pickup truck picture and cropped/
posted a picture of G.(garbage) Floyd then underneath it
I wrote out WLM.
The next morning, around 6am I recieved a message from my
favorite mod telling me that wasn't acceptable (no sh*t) and
that I needed to remove it, which I did. I was also informed that
"others" would be doing the same regarding the race related garbage.
End of story.