I offer $20.00 Dollar Reward


Judith Lopez

Hey all of you, I am willing to pay $20.00 or $50.00 U.S.Dollars to the person who finds the address or phone number of my lost friend Jorge SOsa, baseball player of the Colorado ROckies. He lives in Santo Domingo or San Pedro de Macoris. He is a Rookie. He is 22 years old.He should be training somewhere in his free time. I think his father is called Goerge also, and is a baseball coach. I believe he is related to Sammy SOsa, not sure though. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! I have been trying to find him since October. Wishing all of you the best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise to pay as soon as I can contact him!!!!!


Why don't you write to him in care of the colorado rockies? They will probably forward it to him. Good luck.