IADB approves loan for Manzanillo Port


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Feb 20, 2019

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) approved a US$100 million loan (IADB-DR-L1141) for the rehabilitation and development of Puerto Manzanillo, the northwestern-most port closest to the United States, the main market for Dominican trade. The program’s objective is to improve the facilities of the port of Manzanillo, contributing to the competitiveness and insertion of regional and international trade routes of the productive sector in the north of the country.

Cibao industries spokespersons had urged the development of the port that would enable lower cost and faster shipping to the eastern coast of the United States. At present, 93% of the tonnage of exports and imports is transported from ports located in the country’s south even when most farm production and half of the country’s free zone manufacturing capacity is located in the northern part of...

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