Iconic animals from Zooberto Park to be removed


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Feb 20, 2019

The National District City Council announced it has decided to remove the zoo animal statues that gave the name to the themed around 2,500 m2 Zooberto Park located off Los Próceres Avenues in the capital city. The park was named for former Mayor Roberto Salcedo who saw this kind of park abroad and recreated it at the city spot in 2010 for a then big spending figure of RD$11 million.

Noticias SIN reports that Alfredo García, communications director for the Santo Domingo City Council, said the experts recommended the removal due to the deterioration of the animal statues.

The Zooberto Park is temporarily closed for remodeling.

Noticias SIN says that the city government explains the revitalization project seeks to offer citizens a safer, more modern, and functional environment for the enjoyment of recreational and leisure activities.

The remodeling process...

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