If anyone likes music and wants beer money...


Oct 7, 2012
Hey guys and gals,

Its not a massive money maker but my friend just linked me me onto a music site that you get paid for reviewing new artists songs... If you want me to send you the link just let me know and I will PM you, it seems legit - they pay you via paypal.

I have just sat in the sun today listening and reviewing the music, ok only made $12 but hey, its about half of what you would make sitting in a call centre. (well actually I lost money due to the beers I drank whilst doing it...). The better the review the more money you make, I am just starting to get good at it. Plus if you add you recommend a friend you get 10% of what ever they make...

Hope its alright to post that on here? Not sure if it counts as advertising... hey ho, my bad if I am in the wrong. Just thought it would good for people that have lots of spare time on their hands - like me - STILL waiting for permits, god bless Ayuntamiento.