if i had a Dominican passport...


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Aug 6, 2011
if i had a dominican passport
would it sheild me from taxation by my country of origin. This is a general question as i am aware you may not know what my country?s tax laws are. In general though, if i had a DR passport and investments here in the DR could i technically say to my country of origin... MYOB my DR assets are dealt with by the DR tax department etc

Before people are offended by this question, my country allows its citizens to legally structure their taxation situation in order to minimise their tax

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
If you are Canadian the CRA gives you a very good explanation of when you don't have to pay Canadian Income tax. If you are a Dominican resident and not a Canadian resident, meaning you've cut your ties to Canada...i.e no bank account, no property, no mailing address, you don't pay Canadian income tax. If you have a government pension they tax that and you are advised to complete a tax form. It's more complicated to hold rental properties and be a non Canadian resident but very doable. I plan to be a Dominican resident and hold Canadian rental property.