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Feb 16, 2021
I was going to write my entire experience with them, but to avoid any possible negative effects, I can only say that I would not recommend them. Although I had dealings with them when I first came here and they did do my residency and then a renewal, after having a negative experience with them with another process I can only say that they are very unclear and also not consistent in what they are saying and what they are actually doing.
When I did the initial residency process I was a bit nervous, mostly because it took almost 1 year from when I started the process until I actually got my residency and the response was always "We are in constant contact with agents at DGM and your case is still in process", and when I searched for reviews about them I found several negative ones and even one that they had answered and threaten to take legal action if they didn't stop giving negative reviews. So also not a good sign.
So, personally, I would not use them.
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Aug 21, 2010
I did both temporary and permanent residence with Guzman Ariza and was very satisfied. Also friends used them for citizenship and positive results. The owner of Guzman Ariza is also a moderator of the legal thread of DR1 and if you have a negative experience with any of their lawyers you can count on a quick intervention and positive results after posting on the legal thread. I recommend you read thru the legal thread. Other DR1 posters have recommended Guzman.

I also used Guzman for real-estate purchase and also was very satisfied.