Indotel fines Viva for irregular use of 4G frequency


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) issued a RD$77.3 million and US$5.1 million fines to Trilogy Dominicana (Viva).

According to Resolution 064-2021, approved by Indotel’s Board of Directors on 8 July 2021, Trilogy (Viva) provided telecommunications services without the corresponding licenses and carried out unauthorized use of the radio spectrum bands, in violation of Articles 105 and 106 of the General Telecommunications Law No. 153-98. The violations would date back to 2017.

Indotel says Viva will need to compensate its clients affected by the new measure.

Trilogy Dominicana, S.A. (Viva) responded rejecting Indotel’s resolution and saying it would file legal recourses.

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