Interesting article on Haiti/DR relations


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May 29, 2006
This lengthy paper discusses some of the border issues with it's main emphasis on the informal trade between the two countries. One thing it mentions is how Haiti is still exporting charcoal from PaP. It was written just a few months ago, post earthquake.
The issue cannot be solved in the concluding paragraphs this report. I can only point out that, though Haitians vigorously disagree among themselves on most topics, there is one topic on which I found astounding unanimity. I discussed with them the challenge of converting donor funds into local programs. To whom should the donors entrust the money? From the south to the north of the country hundreds of people interviewed on the matter screamed with unanimity: Pinga nou kite kob-la nan men leta! Ya vole-l. Ya manje-l. Nou pap w? anyen! (Do not turn the money over to the government! They’ll steal it! They’ll eat it! We won’t see a cent of it!)
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