International School of Sosua - what parents should know

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Mar 29, 2004
Well this is like my first post in years here on this forum, but thought everyone should know the situation at the International School of Sosua (iSS). This is the school that gets rave reviews as a decent private school here on the North Coast. Like to give you a different perspective. I have an 11 year old (grade 7) at the school, who will be taken out after today. My child isn't the first one to leave for reasons of dissatifaction. Many students we know after last year left for reasons of bullying, abuse, poor education standards, etceteras, etceteras. The following is just one of many incidents that has happened which should shed some light on my postion.

On Tuesday October 30, my 11 year old child, during class time, was shown "Borat". Now for those unfamiliar with the movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" is rated R for crude humor relating to sexual and bodily functions (including some scatological humor), strong sexual language (profanity, slang and references), full male nudity, comic violence (brawling and nude wrestling), use of various ethnic slurs (many anti-semitic remarks), and simulated sex and other sexual contact. After the movie was shown, during which at least two children told the teacher they thought they shouldn't be watching it (which was ignored), he told the children "do not tell your parents." Now isn't that wonderful. So many good lessons learned during school. My child (who it turns out) was the only one who actually did tell her parents, who are at this point irritated as hell. After conversing with the principal nothing as yet has been done. And the best part, this teacher had the nerve to confront my child about telling her parents and refused her help in class. Never mind now that every child in the class made it real clear they hate my child for telling her parents. Why is he even teaching today, don't know, don't care any longer. Homeschooling here we come......
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Jan 2, 1999
I have received a response from the schools director, Craig Selig.

The school has a board meeting next week to discuss this issue.

As far as DR1 is concerned, the thread is closed, everybody involved and not involved has had the opportunity to say their piece and the school has made a statement.


ISS is currently dealing with this issue internally. The safety and integrity of each and every child is our utmost concern. ISS will investigate this incident and respond to the school community after careful reflection and diligence. We are saddened when any child leaves our community and wish the family the best.

Once again, I appreciate your understanding.

Craig Selig


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