Internist MD recommendation at CMC


May 31, 2008
I need an immediate recommendation for an MD internist at CMC in Sosua.
I would only consider Bournigal, Puerto Plata if that is my only option.

Have been here in Cabarete for 4 months. Not a vacation...
And my health has deteriorated dramatically. Very tired most of the time.
The chest scan I was supposed to have in Boston was cancelled due to Covid,
Months before I arrived here in July.

I went for a Covid blood test (for antigens) two months ago at a lab in Sosúa. Negative,

Please, I need some medical advice and attention.
Probably a cardiac specialist
Just a smart doctor and some blood tests will be most helpful.

I have previously been treated at CMC for broken ankle, and another bad experience with a broken wrist😡
Very shoddy care. So, I am very Leary of just going there to Emergency .

Please ,
Can anyone suggest a doctor for me, And provide phone number or email?

Thanks for your kind attention🙏🏽