Interview with the pilot who flew non-stop from China to Santo Domingo


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Feb 20, 2019

El Nuevo Diario interviewed Carlos Mirpuri, pilot of the Airbus 380 passenger plane that flew a Covid-19 supplies cargo flight from China to Las Americas International Airport last week. This is the first time an airplane arrived on a direct flight from China.

The vice president of Hi Fly, the Portuguese airline company, knows the Dominican Republic well. He says what he likes best about the country is its sea, the sand and the friendliness of its people. He said when he opened the doors of the plane, he felt the temperature that he described as “magical”. He regretted that he could not take time out to enjoy a beach like the ones he knows in Punta Cana given the present circumstances.

Mirpuri spoke of the non-profit foundation in which his companies partner with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address projects in aviation, medical...
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