Intrant moves forward to reduce traffic congestion in the cities


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Feb 20, 2019

Hugo Beras, the new director of the National Institute of Transport & Transit (Intrant) is optimistic citizens will soon see positive outcome from the implementation of the Support to the Greater Santo Domingo Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan (Aipmus).

On occasion of the Week of Sustainable Mobility, Beras made a presentation accompanied by Minister of the Presidency Joel Santos, who is working with the public-private initiatives in this direction. Minister Santos spoke of the RD$60 billion the government will have invested in the ambitious transport plan by 2025.

Around three million people commute daily in Greater Santo Domingo, of which 36% use public transport. Beras highlighted the Abinader administration is working to improve the public transport infrastructure.

Beras understands the start of the Park Where You Should (Parqueate Bien) initiative has been...

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