Inverter sales & installation recommendation (Santo Domingo)



Currently living in Ciudad Real II and am wanting to install an inverter for the power outages. Am on an upper floor and it gets hot. Thanks in advance.


You'll appreciate spending a bit more for a true Sinewave inverter.
To provide 220V to an AC or pumps, you'll need more batteries than if you stick to powering 120V stuff
Genuine Trojan Red batteries appear to enjoy favor with most users.
You need to check the liquid levels in the batteries and top as necessary every week or so.
Ensure that the inverter charge settings are optimal rather than the defaults settings.
Get enough batteries - based on how long your usual outages last. It is not good to completely drain batteries.

Quality equipment, quality batteries and quality installation and you will be happy. Otherwise, your system may not work as you expect. Consider addressing any other electrical deficiencies in your home at the same time. No ground, reversed polarity, and the Dominican favorite - energized neutral wires.


Im thinking if could recharge via solar would be perfect...any leads where to go or who to talk to about this. Power is out almost daily and being on top floor gets hot quick.

DR Solar

This can get complicated.

Sounds like you are in an apartment building so getting permission and perhaps permits for solar roof installation needed? Making the panel frames is easy using 1.5 inch square aluminum tubes and aluminum bolts. Attaching to the roof and sealing to prevent water leaks is very important. Securing wires in proper conduits will be needed and depending on length of wire run and panels watts, other items may be needed such as a weather proof solar DC combiner breaker box near the panels.

I've tried to narrow some ideas down but as you can see, lots to look at and study.

15 panels (1 pallet) of minimum of 300 watts each panel; making 5 sets of 3 panels. 5 lines into combiner box with 5 DC breakers and 1 DC out to solar controller. I recommend a second breaker near the solar controller.

For running AC: Depends on your AC unit(s) size and other power demands.
Solar controller and 4Kw inverter system. This is a package that really makes things much easier but at a cost. Main unit is about 200 lbs. (I have the 8Kw system) You can monitor and make some changes via your puter or cell phone.

I suggest a simple knife switch to change from grid to inverter in case the inverter should go down. I leave mine on inverter all the time except when I need to do inverter maintenance that requires that I shut the inverter down so then I switch to grid during that time or when my power use is greater then the solar/system can handle. (pool pump plus 2 or more AC units)

I have 3 banks of 8 6Volt batteries. Trojan Reds. Room needs to be ventilated and perhaps a fan to pull in/push out air. You will need a main breaker to disconnect the batteries from the inverter.

With enough panels, proper inverter and batteries, you should be able to run your AC during the day, however, you will not have enough in the batteries to run AC for more then an hour or so without solar input. You also want to have enough solar to power what you want but also is charging the batteries. Charging large battery banks via the grid is very expensive.

Finding the space may be a problem for you and everything needs to be thought out.

Solar equipment is NOT taxed coming into the DR. When bought everything from the company referred to and paid the ground shipping in the U.S. and freight from Miami. I installed myself with my domestic help. An installer here in the DR wanted a way lot more $ buying from and him installing.

My system paid for itself in about 3 years and it's now over 6 years in use. (our grid bill was outrageous) 90% solar, 2% generator, 8% grid with grid mostly used at night when batteries get to low. All automatic.

ese tipo

Currently living in Ciudad Real II and am wanting to install an inverter for the power outages. Am on an upper floor and it gets hot. Thanks in advance.
There is a guy,William Almanzar. Look him up on youtube he is an instructor at A school in SD.The guy is ( imho ) a genius
I doubt you'll find a better mind on this topic his number is posted in the comments section of in some of his videos.Now since you didn't elaborate on what your needing (load wise, budget, current setup etc ) i don't know what would best fit you.But I'm pretty sure he'll get you up and going nicely.


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Apr 12, 2019
Any recommendations on where to buy batteries and an inverter in either SD or Boca Chica? Thanks