Investment and cooperation: Qatar delegation visits


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Feb 20, 2019

An official Qatar government delegation is in the Dominican Repbublic for a working visit from Tueday, 25 January through Friday, 28 January 2022. Qatar Foreign Affairs Minister Soltan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi heads the delegation that visits to look into opportunities for investment and cooperation.

The newly appointed head of the Investment Promotion Cabinet, Vice President Raquel Peña, shared a welcome dinner at the Presidential Palace for the mission on Tuesday evening. Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez accompanied her; Industry & Commerce Minister Víctor (Ito) Bisonó; Public Health Minister Daniel Rivera; Director of the National Health Insurance Plan (Senasa), Santiago Hazim; and Dominican ambassador in Qatar, Georges Bahsa Hazim.

The high-level mission will also meet with President Abinader and hold other meetings with Vice President Peña, ministers and other...

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Apr 1, 2014
The Qatari Government has a tendency to keep their word and make good on their promises. They recently did a currency swap of 15 billion USD (total amount) with the Turkish banks over the 2 years in order to help stabilize the Lira. Good for the DR.