Is anybody interesting to expand the home moniotring business in DR


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Nov 27, 2008
Hello, I have a business running in US and Canada to monitor and control home from cell phone for about one year now.

The basic idea is when the monitored spot is broken in, a text message will be sent to cell phone, and the user can view the monitored spot directly in cell phone.

Also the user can view the monitored spot on demand.

Too many features to list here. Please visit for detail.

Is this kind service marketable in DR? If yes,
is anybody out there interesting to expand it to DR? I can come down to help you to setup the business.

I do not speak Spanish, so I can not do it by myself.

Need more information, please PM me and I will send all business detail.

Thank you.


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Jul 24, 2004
A soon-to-be relative, a Dominican from Miami now living in both places, is in the security biz in the Cibao/Santiago and is always looking for new concepts. Drop me a PM with more info and I'll pass it by him Sunday.

Good luck...