Is the liquor curfew really effective? not according to this report

Sep 19, 2005
Violence and surgery
Doctors are worried about the increase in the number of surgical procedures they have to perform as a result of violent acts. In just one hospital in Santo Domingo, the Salvador B. Gautier, the medics have carried out 2,878 operations to repair damage to arms and shoulders inflicted during some act of violence. Dr. Severo Mercedes told El Caribe reporters that his surgery teams are worried that the holiday season will bring an even heavier patient load. He said that his staff have carried out 369 hand surgeries and done seven hand re-attachments so far this year. The cost of reattaching a hand is RD$250,000 in medical supplies and equipment.

this from the DR1 news page.....has the trend for safer streets readjusted itself back to the old ways........



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Jan 1, 2002
I know one thing : I sleep better since the curfew !!! This was VERY effective !!!


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Sep 4, 2006
i was watching a program yesterday on one of the s.d. stations about the new problem caused by the cerfew. seems that since the tigres cant party all night in the discos with the grown women that now they are partting in the campos and barrios with the young girls.... doubt if their mothers will be sleeping better at night when they have pregnant 14 year old daughters......