Is time share a new thing in hotels?


Jan 18, 2012
It had been a while since I checked in to during the day time and this time share thing in resort is new to me...
I had such a bad luck and experience with Barcelo ever since I started to come to DR several years before I found this site, I seriously think there must be a bad curse cast on me with Barcelo.
I am very serious on this because PP or PC which ever Barcelo I go, forget about money back.
I straight out want to sue them for wasting my time, giving us worst experiences ever, and getting sick.
And just last weekend I had one of the worst experience at Barcelo/Sunscape once again.
This time is last straws, with this I will never ever step in a hotel that was formally Barcelo or newly Sunscape in my life again.
Now that I thought about it, that cancellation fee was/is/always will be totally worth it.

Anyways this is just minor one thing that bothered me the moments after I checked in and I just want to know if this is normal thing now.
From check in around at 4PM I got invited for quick sit down and it turned into 45 minutes of sit down and offered me coupons and got an offer for "Romantic Breakfast".
I thought, Wow since my secretary had mentioned about our special occasions and since they offered me a romantic dinner for $200 some odd dollars with guarantee at reasonable time (That I didn't know I couldn't bring my son to.)
I thought they perhaps had changed for better but what I didn't know was this "romantic breakfast" was having uncomfortable breakfast at buffet with complete stranger!
He asked about many things and I started to answer questions and we really got uncomfortable.
I kindly asked how much longer all these explaining all their exclusive membership is going to take and he offered me to go to office upstair for additional 1 hour and half for $100 spa coupons.
I really did controlled myself pretty well, I was really about to blow.
My time with my family is worth more than this.
I have already had paid them $360 for three of us and I was did wanted to pay more for better hotel and service but many of big bills were coming up, our son's tuition and others upcoming bills.
I tried an easy and cheaper way out on our 7th year anniversary, and now I am paying for it.
I should had listen to my brain, instinct and folks here.
Now I am going to pay for it, listing to things that happened at our 7th anniversary will never end!


Jul 2, 2004
A, A
I sat through one time share breakfast. I will never do it again. No matter what they offer you. It is never worth it. My time and my families time is a lot more valuable than what ever they are giving you.


Mar 20, 2016
ohh really sad. your story giving me some beneficial guidelines for trip. I'll check hotel staff, rooms their services before booking hotel. I will remind your bad experience when ever i will booking. thanks for sharing your experience.


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Dec 9, 2002
It's called vacation club these days because of the negative image of timeshare.


Apr 11, 2004
What it really is, you are paying for hotel stays now for the future.


Aug 23, 2012
Not new at all. My first resort experience in 2010 was "vacation club cuties" taking me by the arm to chat at the VIP bar.


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Jan 9, 2009
South Coast
I'm getting flashbacks to our stay at Lifestyles in Cofresi. The guy assigned to us was relentless.


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Oct 17, 2015
Most resorts seem to be going the vacation club route, at least in Playa Dorada where I stay. Vacation clubs are not for everyone. It was perfect for me and I approached them with a deal I wanted, not one they wanted to give me. I got my money back in six weeks and I've been staying here five winters. I was subjected to the Cofresi Lifestyles propaganda machine. Not very pleasant. I simply asked them to match what I had in Playa Dorada, knowing they couldn't do it. It was nice to see the frustration in their faces.


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Jul 16, 2014
Almost all are at all inclusive. Booking your flight separate you will never be able to beat the package deals. Not to mention all the other bullshyt of timeshares


Sep 27, 2006
i look at the post and i wonder whether it's that hard to say "shut the hell up" and walk away?


Jan 18, 2012
Tripadvisor is your friend :)

No it isn't. tripadvisor/ is not your friend at all.
Check all the fake paid reviews currently at for 4.5 stars.
And this goes to too.

It's making me horrified when I think about the reviews they are paying to put them up.
There will be a lot of people that are going to spend $1000s for dream/relaxing vacation including flights.
And. Oh boy! They will be in for surprise!
They will soon have to realize they will have to fight for table to be available on buffet for their really really sub par meals and drinks.
It's beyond me why they aren't at least utilizing theater for buffet seating because it's not like they are using it to preform award winning shows or anything.
Use them to make a space for something meaningful during the day and dinner and do a performance at around 10 o'clock at night, if must.
Let's not forget about a la carte restaurants that are never opened but will gladly take $220+tip+taxes+tip for a table for two to start.
Supposedly finished room had people using paint thinner right in front of our room and not to forget all the drilling and hammering that went on, in supposedly finished renovating complex.
This is just a bit more of things that I am adding to this.
Lists goes on and with my bad luck too.

It's really amazing how things can go wrong on $119 per night stay per person.
At least they had got ridden of day passer or I was in at right weekend, otherwise I would had lock myself in a institution because I was going nuts.


Oct 15, 2015
My dad bought a timeshare in Florida and he's been trying to dump it for years. He finally surrendered the title, but timeshare asserted that the maintenance contract was still valid, so they sent his fees to a collection agency.

He passed away now, so we're still trying to deal with it in his estate. We sent a death certificate back with another of their bills, so we'll see. Eventually, we'll need to push for closure of the estate with the timeshare high and dry. They could potentially dispute this and force us to keep it open until we buy them off.

It's just a huge mess. Be extremely wary of these things. You're better off with money in the bank and then just deciding where to go on vacation every year.